How To Be Optimistic In Arduous Instances

The Messenger of Allahṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) stated that the religion in our hearts wears out the best way our garments put on out. Deterioration, upkeep, and renewal are a part of the cycle.  That’s life with all that hurts. That’s regular.

However what occurs when that’s life, however life just isn’t your regular? What occurs when it looks like life isn’t regular, hasn’t been regular, and gained’t be regular for a foreseeably very long time?  For a few of us, refreshing religion turns into secondary to only maintaining it.

It’s simpler to say Alhamdulillah if you end up completely happy. It’s tougher if you’re not. That’s human nature although. There’s nothing unsuitable with that, however there’s something unsuitable with what we educate about religion that may go away us unprepared for when Allah exams it. I imagine that our discussions about religion are usually overly simplistic. They revolve round a couple of primary ideas, and are roughly summed up with:

Religion = Happiness

Righteousness = Ease

Prayer = Drawback Solved

Good Deeds Equals Good Life?

Mainly, the TLDR is Good Deeds = The Good Life. None of those statements are technically unfaithful. The sweetness of religion is a pleasure that’s past every other gratitude, for every other factor on this world. Righteousness within the sight of Allah will put you on the trail to the great life within the afterlife. Making dua can be the answer to your issues. However after we say this stuff to individuals who have true religion however not happiness, or righteous conduct but distressing hardship, we’re sort of implying that that both Islam is damaged (as a result of their prayers appear unanswered), or they’re damaged (as a result of their prayers are undeserving of solutions.) And neither of these is true both.

Enable me to elaborate. I believe it’s secure to say that there’s not a single dad or mum who has not begged Allah to make…

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