Important for all times within the highest mountains

Yaks are mild creatures. They’re like very giant cattle. The phrase yak comes from the Tibetan and Balti languages and in that language refers, the truth is, to the males of the species. In English, the phrase yak refers to each female and male animals, however then one would say a “bull yak” or a “cow yak”!

Wild yaks dwell within the excessive mountains in elements of Tibet, China and India, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. In Central Asia, all yaks are domesticated. Yak herding is frequent in Tajikistan, Mongolia and the Xinjiang province in China.

Analysis exhibits that the yak could have develop into a unique species from these of each cattle and bison thousands and thousands of years in the past. This earth could be very outdated and we people haven’t lived on it so long as some animals. Fossils present that the yaks lived within the North of each Russia and America – within the chilly areas – as they nonetheless do at the moment.

There are herds of untamed yaks, in addition to herds of the yaks which were domesticated. Yaks are heavy animals; they’ve a big physique and robust legs. They carry quite a lot of fats on their bones, which retains them heat, together with their lengthy, thick, hanging fur.

Wild yaks are principally a darkish, blackish/brownish color. Home yaks have many colors that go from cream to darkish brown. These animals have small ears and massive horns. Yaks have an enormous bump on high of their necks, known as a hump! Yaks make unusual grunting noises.

Yaks are very powerful, a lot harder than horses, particularly within the chilly. Wild yaks usually are not choosy eaters and may definitely survive on their very own if they’ll eat grass on the plains. They don’t eat grain, to allow them to’t be given sacks of meals.

Domesticated yaks have been saved for hundreds of years for transport, milking (for butter and cheese), meat and fur/wool (used to make clothes and blankets).

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