Go to probably the most walkable cities in the US

There’s nothing like the liberty and spontaneity of exploring a metropolis solely on foot. You encounter locations the tour guides skip, meet locals alongside the way in which, and benefit from the scents and sounds you’d miss from inside a automotive. (Explore the cities of the future.)

Many U.S. cities are fairly walkable, particularly these built before 1950, in keeping with city planners. For city-dwellers, utilizing the favored instrument Walkscore is an effective method to gauge walkability. Navigating a metropolis on foot is one factor, however a traveler’s true query is: Why would I need to? Does town provide visually interesting structure, nature, or landmarks? Do trees canopy the streets? Is visitors gradual?

Incorporating insights from city specialists, together with Robert Steuteville of the Congress for the New Urbanism, listed here are strolling itineraries for 10 cities the place you’ll be able to apply the artwork of taking a stroll.

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