‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ Principle: Trailer Teases a Time Journey Twist

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars film with out some killer spaceship battles. For all of the speak about lightsabers, magical powers, ghosts and secret households, even a mediocre Star Wars film has unparalleled spaceship porn. And based mostly on the D23 trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, the ultimate installment of the episodic saga will probably be no completely different. However, did you discover one thing fishy? How did the Resistance/the Rebels get all their outdated ships again?

Listed here are 5 questions concerning the new Insurgent Fleet in The Rise of Skywalker, full with hypothesis as to what’s going on in one of many coolest photographs from the brand new film. Speculative Star Wars spoilers forward! Let’s punch it!

Okay, so first off, let’s check out the shot in query. Within the trailer, we see a modest group of acquainted wanting area craft pop-out of hyperspace, seemingly prepared for battle. Right here’s the ships we’re positive are there.

The new and retro Rebel Fleet in 'The Rise of Skywakler'
The brand new and retro Insurgent Fleet in ‘The Rise of Skywakler’
  1. X-Wings (the brand new variety from the sequel trilogy)
  2. A-Wings (we noticed these first in Return of the Jedi and once more in The Final Jedi
  3. One Corellian Corvette; extra generally often known as a “Blockade Runner” (Probably the most well-known of those ships was the Tantive IV, Leia’s ship in Rogue One and A New Hope)
  4. Y-Wings (We haven’t seen these for the reason that basic trilogy)
  5. B-Wings (We haven’t seen these since Return of the Jedi.)
  6. Perhaps a ship known as The Ghost which was flown by Hera in Star Wars: Rebels.

Okay, so as a result of we’ve seen X-Wings and A-Wings just lately, we’ll depart these alone for a second, however the place did all these different ships come from?

In canon, the B-Wing's current origin is in 'Rebels'
In canon, the B-Wing’s present origin is in ‘Rebels’


Although first seen on display in Return of the Jedi, up to date canon has established that the B-Wing was designed by a Mon Calamari named Quarrie….

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