How you can maintain your meals suitable for eating throughout an influence outage

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As Pacific Gasoline and Electrical Firm (PG&E) rolled out its Public Security Energy Shutoffs (PSPS) in 34 counties in California, the USA Division of Agriculture (USDA) revealed a guide on how residents can keep their food safe whereas the facility is out.  

In line with its information, the USDA stated meat, poultry, fish, and eggs want to be stored both at or beneath 40 levels. Frozen meals must be at or beneath zero levels.


The USDA stated to maintain the fridge and freezer doorways closed as a lot as attainable to take care of protected temperatures. A full freezer will maintain protected temperatures for about 48 hours [24 hours if the freezer is half full] if the doorways are closed, in line with USDA.

The USDA suggests utilizing dry ice to take care of temperatures if the facility is anticipated to stay off for lengthy durations. The company stated 50 kilos of dry ice might maintain an 18-cubic foot full freezer for 2 days.

Digital, dial or instant-read meals thermometers and equipment thermometers may very well be used to ensure your meals is protected, in line with USDA.

Fridge and freezer thermometers will nonetheless monitor the temperature inside even when the facility is out. Nonetheless, for those who really feel such as you’re unsure the temperature is protected, USDA suggests utilizing a meals thermometer, as beforehand talked about


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