Macron’s ‘Africans over Japanese Europeans’ Remark Exhibits EU Should Begin Getting Its Priorities Proper

Western Europe has overwhelming causes, each geopolitical and civilizational, to prioritize Japanese Europe above different areas.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the wannabe prime chief of the post-Brexit, post-Merkel European Union, has demonstrated his questionably and wrongfully low regard for Japanese Europe twice over the previous couple of weeks.

And in an no less than barely brazen vogue at that.

Macron first bluntly vetoed even the beginning of EU accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, two small however essential Western Balkan nations, presumably at the same time as a part of some grand Trump – Putin, West – Russia cut price brokered by the French President.

Then he went on to offer a controversial interview to a controversial magazine declaring his choice for “authorized migrants” from Africa (mentioning Guinea and Ivory Coast) to “clandestine Bulgarian and Ukrainian channels” (no matter which means for a fellow EU nation and a rustic granted visa-free journey to the EU).

The diplomatic scandal (exacerbated by some pretend information websites embellishing Macron’s quote to have said “Bulgarian and Ukrainian gangs”) apart,

The weird comparability selection between one factor that’s authorized, and one other that’s unlawful “clandestine” (what respectable individual would select the latter over the previous, proper?) apart,

Macron’s remark demonstrates only one extra time the deeply flawed logic of a European Union led and dominated by Western Europe and Western Europeans. Particularly: preferring and prioritizing many different issues, locations and other people to Japanese Europe and the Japanese Europeans.

The explanations for that vary from “colonial guilt” and modern-day “political correctness” to pure historic ignorance and lack of expertise of each threats and alternatives.

But, that is one…

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